8009 NADRA Online Check Family Verification

The National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) has introduced an initiative called the “Qaumi Tasdeeq-o-Tajdeed Campaign’ (QTTC) an innovative system to verify family members. 8009 NADRA Online Check Family Verification via the below system or SMS. In the words of the Nadra spokesperson, under QTTC family members are able to be verified by the registered mobile number of Nadra via a text message “13 digits CNIC”13 digit CNIC” No Space to “8009”.

8009 NADRA Online Check

This is the latest news to all residents of Pakistan: The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) will create a new online system for renewing your identity card. NADRA verification is great news for Pakistani citizens who can confirm their CNIC card by providing full family details, such as the tree. This is for renewal or verifying the NADRA identity card; they don’t need to visit the office and wait in line. The NADRA ID card New Verification is a brand new system launched today.

Check 8009 NADRA Online Family Verification

As a result, you will be provided with information about relatives in your circle. If there is an error in the information, the person’s name or an unrelated person is listed within your Family’s members list, you can write “1” in reply to notify Nadra. A representative from Nadra will contact you regarding this matter via helpline 51-2778009. If the information you provided is correct, you can write “2” in reply to confirm the information with Nadra.

8009 NADRA Online Check Family Verification

8009 NADRA Online Check Family Verification

The citizens of Pakistan will be delighted to see this system being launched to aid their needs. The citizens of Pakistan must be grateful to the National Database and Registration Authority for initiating these wonderful and beneficial steps. How do I get the SMS code to renew your NADRA CNIC card at home? Use the NADRA identification card verification SMS code 8009 to obtain this service.

To avail of the renewal and verification service, you must make an SMS registration with Nadra using the same number that was given to the Nadra registration centre when making the ID and “B” form. If your number has not been registered with Nadra, you may visit any Nadra centre for registration or change your mobile number. This service is offered for free in all Nadra registration centres.

The maintenance introduced CNIC Renew, a free CNIC Renew System to maintain social separation. SMS will provide all the information to let you know how many family members have been registered in your Family.

How can I verify my Family Verification on Nadra?

  • Verifying the family tree with Nadra’s ID Card requires the following details.
  • Ehsaas and a program online registration form 2021
  • Pakistani citizens look up their family tree using a simple method.
  • Only family members can check their family tree on QTTC.
  • Only send SMS using a registered mobile account.
  • 13 number CNIC No send, with the date of Issuance on 8009
  • CNIC cannot write SMS after space is provided and then write the issue date.

If you don’t have a registered mobile number with NADRA, then go to our office to register your mobile number with NADRA. NADRA office. NADRA has introduced an IT-based system to renew CNIC cards to reduce human interactions and maintain social separation. The NADRA ID card is a new one. Verification Note: An SMS code is needed to obtain information.

NADRA Verification of family tree with Nadra ID Card was initiated with the help of National Database and Registration Authority (NDRA) H. Verification system using SMS sent to registered mobiles to verify Family tree verification using Nadra Identification Card. The subject of this message is the Qaumi Tasdeeq-otajdeed campaign (QTTC). Every family member should verify the members who have registered their mobile numbers.

This decision was made following the approval of Prime Minister Pakistan in the office of the Prime Minister. He has endorsed this technology-based system online to verify and renew ID cards. Inform and notify NADRA of any unregistered and illegal person in your Family. Correct any incorrect entries as soon as you can.

Nadra SMS Services

Nadra introduces SMS services for different verifications. These SMS services were initiated with the help of PM Imran Khan. Now, everyone can benefit from SMS. All of us can use these services.

  1. 8500 for Prime Minister National Health Program
  2. 7000 for SMS-based citizen verification
  3. 8400 to track identity applications for tracking.
  4. 9888 for Flood Beneficiaries verification, Watan Card
  5. 9777 for Pakistan Card
  6. 8300 for Election System Verification

Your Family is safe. Pakistan is secure. This is the campaign launched by the authority following Covid 19. 198009 NADRA The new ID card verification SMS code. Send it by SMS using your mobile phone.

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) launched the ‘Qaumi Tasdeeq-otajdeed Campaign’ (QTTC), which verifies your family members ‘ identities. This beneficial service has simplified the process for Pakistanis and can save time and energy. So, without further delay, we’ll get right into the process of confirming the NADRA genealogy:

NADRA Verification of Family Trees is an innovative initiative of the Pakistani government to identify and revoke illegal identity cards. Pakistan’s national database register and database authority has introduced an SMS family verification. NADRA Family verification SMS allows users to determine if a stranger or not related to them is listed on their family members’ list.

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