Arid University Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University UAA Rawalpindi Admission to most degree programs is usually done between September and August every year. Arid University Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date check before applying for Spring fall admission. Arid University Rawalpindi offers degree programs of all levels in the fields of Agricultural Sciences, Basic and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Information Technology.

According to the academic calendar, classes typically begin in january at the beginning of every year. Prospectus and Admission Forms are available from the offices of the faculties or institutes concerned with paying Rs. 1000 in Cash. The admission form and the Challan can be downloaded from the University’s website.

Arid University Admission 2024

Applications submitted online without the original deposit Challan form cannot be accepted. Candidates should submit separate applications for the morning, afternoon, and evening classes. In addition, no separate announcement to apply, entry test, and Fee Schedule will be issued. Find online information about PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi Admission 2024 Deadline, Apply Online, and for further details, visit this page.

Arid University Admission 2024 Last Date

Arid University admission 2024 BS programs, entry test dates, merit list, the result of merit, and the most recent admissions information are here. Get all the details on PMAS Arid University admission 2024 for BS Programs. Pir Mehar Ali Shah, Arid University of Agriculture Rawalpindi Open Admissions for Undergraduate and Post Graduate projects starting in the fall of 2024.

Arid University offers graduation in BSc, BS, and B.Ed. Find the date for Admission, the criteria for Admission, the fees, and more on this page. Apply Online for Admissions Fall 2024 Agri, AAUR, UMS Portal. AAUR, Silver Jubilee Celebrations. The AAUR fellowship program is available for M.Sc. (Hons)/Undergraduate on this page.

Arid University Admission 2024 Apply Online

Arid University offers academic programs such as Agricultural Animal, Veterinary, Animal Sciences, and Social Sciences and a range of Arts and Fine Arts courses. According to the Higher Education Commission, Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi is placed 2nd in the Agriculture/Veterinary category and 7th overall in the ranking of institutions in Pakistan. It offers degrees that lead to Bachelor’s, Master and Doctoral degrees.

Arid University Admission Apply Online

ARID University Admission 2024 Application Form

Apply online through that link. If you click ARID, the University’s portal will be displayed in your browser. You can also open the portal and click “Apply online.” The online application form will show on your screen, and you’ll complete it. In addition, when filling out the application, ensure you provide all the information you need since if you provide incorrect information, the institution will not accept your application.

Arid University Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

Arid University Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

Arid University Admission 2024 BS Programs Deadline

Since the Arid University Admission 2024 Last Date has been released, Students can apply for various programs across all faculties, such as Graduate Postgraduate, Undergraduate, and Graduate degree programs. Information on the deadline to be admitted to Arid University in 2024 is listed here. This is the largest educational site, meaning you can get the latest admissions information without leaving your house. Officials have announced that the application deadline will be on 21 August, when the merit lists, as well as other information, will be made public. The closing date is 21 August 20,24.

Department of Science admission:

The P Ir Mehr Ali Shah University Rawalpindi has announced Admission to Ph.D. Botany and Ph.D. Economics for students who hold M.Sc/MS or M.Phil with a minimum 3 CGPA and a certificate of passing the GAT Test, with 60 percent scores.

Department of Veterinary & Animal Science:

The department offers a Ph.D. in Poultry Science to those interested in the admission requirements that are predetermined as per academic authorities.

Arid University Admission Spring 2024

The deadline for the application form to be filled out, Merit list, and other information is provided in the announcement by an official. The University is searching for self-motivated and confident candidates to succeed. Suppose you’re one of the students with these characteristics and are interested. In that case, you should visit the University’s central office to get the Prospectus and the application form. You can pay the sum of 700/- in Cash. 700/- in Cash. Spend time reviewing the application thoroughly and filling it out completely.

Arid University Admission 2024 Fee Structure

Attach all the documents needed, forward the application to the faculties concerned, and attach all documents required by the last day to apply, i.e., 6 October 2024. Applications received on or before the due date are not accepted and will not be evaluated for consideration in any form. The dates of the merit list and the date of the entry examination are provided below. Let’s look at the merit list.

Admission Form Fee Rs.1,000
Cost of entry for BS undergraduate programs Rs. 1,000
Selection Test Fee for Ph.D. and MSc Hons Rs. 2,000

Arid University Admission 2024 Bs Programs Fee Structure

BS Programs Fee Per Year
B.Sc. [Hons] – Agriculture 25400
B.Sc. [Hons] – Agriculture Engineering 25400
BS – Anthropology 25400
BS – Biochemistry 68400
BBA (H) – Business Administration 72400
BS – Commerce 72400
BS – Computer Science 91000
BS – Economics 68400
B.ED (HONS) – Education 25400
BS – Environmental Sciences 25400
BS – Forestry 25400
BS – Human Nutrition & Dietetics Mission 39200
BIT – Information Technology 91000
BS – Microbiology 68400
BS – Software Engineering 91000
DVM – Veterinary Medicine 25400

Arid University Admission 2024 Ms Programs

Anyone looking to pursue a degree can apply to be admitted for Admission to Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi Admission 2024. The deadline is made public; applicants can apply before 30 May 2024. The deadline is 30 May. The University cannot accept applications from candidates who are not eligible for Admission.

Download Arid University Prospectus

For a copy of the Arid University Prospectus, click here. In the fall of 2024, students can apply for Admission to Agriculture University Rawalpindi through online Admission. The Arid University Rawalpindi website contains The PMAS Prospectus. Prospectus and Admission Forms online, without the requirement for printing a copy. The most up-to-date pricing list for each program can be found in the Prospectus. Contacting the University’s official phone number or visiting will also help you learn about the fee structure.

Arid University Programs Offered 2024

Applications to PMAS’s Arid University Rawalpindi in 2024 are available now in various regions. The complete schedule of requirements for Admission and information regarding PMAS University is available here. PMAS University Arid Agricultural University and application forms and the date of the final deadline for application. The information you need is about postgraduate and undergraduate programs, which includes requirements for admission and entrance exams, career options, and tuition fees, in the sections below: BS/MS/Ph.D./MPhil Programs.

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