English MCQs Test 5

1. Your ___will ____ all the benefits you derived from your hard work,

  • A. patience, delete
  • B. possessiveness, enhance
  • C. Carelessness, nullify
  • D. Apathy, increase
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C. Carelessness, nullify

2. Most foreign students don’t like American coffee, and ___

  • A. I don’t, too
  • B. Either don’t
  • C. Neither don’t I
  • D. Neither do I
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D. Neither do I

3. We ___ take care of our parents when they are old;

  • A. Could
  • B. Would
  • C. Might
  • D. Ought to
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D. Ought to

4. The district magistrate has agreed to ___ the rule and reduce the amount of tax in deserving cases.

  • A. Wave
  • B. way
  • C. weigh
  • D. waive
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D. waive

5. Pacify is the opposite of?

  • A. Excite
  • B. land
  • C. coddle
  • D. unhand
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A. Excite

6. Let us aim______ to produce something original.

  • A. On
  • B. At
  • C. To
  • D. For
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B. At

7. Yousaf ___in the garden the whole of yesterday.

  • A. Has dug
  • B. Was digging
  • C. Dug
  • D. Had Dug
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C. Dug

8. The judge decided to resign when he was ______for promotion to chief justice:

  • A. Passed over
  • B. Passed by
  • C. Passed off
  • D. Passed out
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D. Passed out

9. of ships was kept ready to scour the sea in case of an attack:

  • A. Group
  • B. Pack
  • C. Battalion
  • D. Fleet
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D. Fleet

10. If the president does not grant_____ in his case, he will be hanged shortly

  • A. Parole
  • B. Release
  • C. Clemency
  • D. Freedom
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C. Clemency
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