FPSC Inspector Inland Revenue Syllabus 2024 Past Papers

FPSC Inspector Inland Revenue Syllabus 2024 Past Papers are on this page. Aspirants to the Inspector Inland Revenue Examination are on the right track to find the information on this Inspector Inland Revenue Syllabus. At Test Preparation, we have the entire Inspector Inland Revenue syllabus for all the examination levels.

Papers from the FPSC Examiner Inland Revenue exam can be helpful for those trying to prepare for the exam. These exams provide details on the format and the content of the test, and they may help candidates understand the type of questions they will be asked in the test. Papers from the past can be obtained on the FPSC website and from the bookstores that offer FPSC exam-related material. Candidates can also search for FPSC Inspector Inland Revenue’s previous papers online and on websites that provide study material for FPSC examinations.

Inspector Inland Revenue Syllabus 2024

The Inspector Inland Revenue syllabus for 2024 is published through the Department’s official website. The Inspector Inland Revenue syllabus is essential for all candidates because, without a syllabus, it’s difficult to pass the test that the Inspector Inland Revenue administers. Candidates can be prepared by studying past exams and remembering the Inspector Inland Revenue syllabus because it will help them select certain topics and then prepare the more marked areas.

FPSC Inspector Inland Revenue Syllabus 2024 Past Papers

FPSC Inspector Inland Revenue Syllabus 2024 Past Papers


Questions will have multiple and comprise one hundred parts I and II. Part I is around English 20 and the IQ. G.K Current Affairs are around 80 percent. We’ll prepare you by the guidelines.

Part I 20 %

  • English 20 marks (Grammar use and sentence corrections)

Part II 80%

  • Intelligence Test IQ 80 marks
  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Current Affairs
  • Pakistan Affairs & Islamic Studies
  • Everyday / General Science

The tests mentioned above/papers are of equal value.

FPSC Inspector Inland Revenue MCQs Past Papers

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is a federal agency in Pakistan responsible for recruiting civil servants and officials from various federal government departments and agencies. The FPSC administers numerous competitive examinations to evaluate candidates’ qualifications for various government posts.

FBR Inspector Inland Revenue Descriptive Test Syllabus 2024 by FPSC

A syllabus to prepare for the Descriptive Test for F4-116/2021 FBR Inspector Inland Revenue is available below.

  1. Functions of Federal Board of Revenue.
  2. Fiscal Policy of Pakistan 2021-22
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Financial Management
  • The subject matter in Human Resource Management

Definition, Significance, and Scope of Human Resource Management, Organization of the Federal and Provincial Governments, Public Sector Enterprises, Approaches to Human Resource Management, Personnel Administration, Tools of Personnel Management.

  • Topics of Financial Management

A quick overview of financial management analysis, interpretation of financial statements, risk, return, and introduction to pricing, cash budgeting, flow, capital planning, elements in financial administration, performance programmed budgeting accounting, and auditing.

Inspector Inland Revenue Syllabus FPSC 2024

FPSC will release the exam papers for inspectors for the Inspector Inland Revenue as per the specifications stated in the advertisement. The complete exam papers from the past are now available in PDF format. Candidates from Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan, Gilgit Baltistan,, and the former FATA, can benefit from these papers.

Complete FBR Inland Inspector Preparation

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Solved Past Fbr Inland Inspector Questions

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Part I Inland Inspector Preparation Books Links

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Inspector Inland Revenue Book Pdf 2024

There is a chance to download FSPC exam papers during the Inspector Inland Revenue (BS-16) test, which will be conducted through the FBR department across every province in Pakistan, including the Punjab Sindh province in KPK Bal0chistan. The papers of the past are useful to candidates for exam preparation.

FPSC Application Tracking

Candidate applying for the post of Inland Revenue Inspector at FBR Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). At the moment, there’s no slip in their queue for their appointment. For them to be eligible to take the test. If the Federal Public Service Commission announces an opening for employment and there is no means to find the job.

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