General knowledge MCQs Test 6

1. The total area of the earth is

  • A. 509 600 000 sg km
  • B. 492.102,000 sq km
  • C. 392,023,00 sq km
  • D. 692,192,000 sq km
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A. 509 600 000 sg km

2. Earth has an equatorial circumference of

  • A. 24 902 miles
  • B. 34,902 miles
  • C. 44,902 miles
  • D. None of these
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A. 24 902 miles

3. The total area of oceans contains

  • A. 259,132 million sq km
  • B. 391,321 million sq km
  • C. 349,511 million sq km
  • D. 361,132 million sq km
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D. 361,132 million sq km

4. What is the ratio between land and ocean by area?

  • A.70.8 % and 29.2%
  • B. 61.9 % and 29.1 %
  • C. 59 % and 41%
  • D. 80.2 % and 18.8%
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A.70.8 % and 29.2%

5. The highest place in the world?

  • A. Mt. Everest
  • B. K2
  • C. Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • D. None of these
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A. Mt. Everest

6. The lowest part of the earth is?

  • A. Mariana trench
  • B. Dead sea
  • C. Death valley
  • D. Lake
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B. Dead sea

7. The total area of the earth is greater than the area of the US:

  • A. 10 times
  • B. 52 times
  • C. 20 times
  • D.29 times
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B. 52 times

8. The deepest part of the earth is :

  • A. Caspian Sea
  • B. Peninsula Valdes
  • C. Mariana Trench
  • D. Lake valley
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C. Mariana Trench   

9. Is Earth’s surface divided into continents?

  • A.6
  • B. 7
  • C.2
  • D. 9
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B. 7

10. Asia is the largest continent, with an area of

  • A. 44,697,000 sq km
  • B. 44,391,162 sq km
  • 44,111,000 sq km
  • D. 39,391,162
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B. 44,391,162 sq km

11. The name of Afghanistan’s parliament is:

  • A. National Assembly (Jirga)
  • B. Wolesi Jirga
  • C. National Congress
  • D. None of these
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B. Wolesi Jirga

12. The name of the Albanian parliament is :

  • A. National Assembly
  • B. Kuvendi-i-shqiperise
  • C. Congress
  • D. None of these
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B. Kuvendi-i-shqiperise

13. The name of Algerian parliament:

  • A. Bariaman
  •  B. Congress
  • C. Parliament
  • D. APN
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14. The name of Andorra’s parliament is:

  • A. General council
  • B. National Assembly
  • C. National parliament
  • D. None of these
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A. General council

15. The name of Angola’s parliament is :

  • A. Congress
  • B. National Assembly
  • C. Federal Assembly
  • D. None of these
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B. National Assembly
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General knowledge (GK) refers to the information that we have about a wide range of subjects, including history, geography, science, art, and current events, among others. GK is an essential part of our lives, as it helps us make informed decisions, understand complex issues, and appreciate diverse perspectives. Here are a few reasons why GK is important:

  • Expands your knowledge base: GK provides a broad understanding of various topics, helping you to become a well-rounded individual.
  • Improves critical thinking: By acquiring general knowledge, you can better analyze, evaluate, and form opinions on various subjects.
  • Aids in problem-solving: General knowledge can help you come up with creative solutions to problems by drawing from a wide range of information and experiences.
  • Enhances communication skills: Being knowledgeable on a variety of subjects can improve your ability to communicate effectively and engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Boosts confidence: Having a solid grasp of general knowledge can boost your confidence, as you will feel more informed and capable of participating in discussions and debates.

How GK helps you

General knowledge can be useful in many aspects of your life, including personal, academic, and professional settings. Here are some ways GK can help you:

  • Personal growth: GK helps you to become more self-aware, empathetic, and understanding of the world around you, leading to personal growth and development.
  • Academic achievements: GK is a valuable asset in school and university, as it can help you excel in a variety of subjects, from history to science.
  • Career opportunities: Many jobs require a certain level of general knowledge, and having a broad understanding of various topics can give you a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Networking: GK can help you form connections with others and engage in meaningful conversations, making it easier to network and build professional relationships.
  • Lifelong learning: Continuously expanding your GK can foster a love for learning, keeping your mind sharp and active throughout your life.

Keen to challenge your knowledge and stay informed about current affairs? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve crafted a comprehensive General Knowledge MCQ test, tailored specifically for our Pakistani audience.

Dive into questions that explore:

  • International Relations: Test your understanding of global partnerships and agreements, from SAARC to JCOPA.
  • World Leaders: See if you can name the heads of state in countries like Japan, Russia, France, and Egypt.
  • Current Events: Stay up-to-date on crucial happenings, including the Pulwama attack and the development of an oil refinery in Gwadar.
  • Pakistani History and Culture: Celebrate our rich heritage by exploring questions about the beloved poet Rehman Baba and the esteemed scholar Shah Wali Ullah.
  • National Affairs: Stay informed about key figures in Pakistan’s administration, such as the Election Commissioner and the process for removing Supreme Court judges.

Ready to take on the challenge?

Grab a cup of chai, settle in, and let’s see how well you know your stuff!

Remember, knowledge is power. Stay sharp, stay informed, and stay ahead of the curve with our General Knowledge MCQs.

Aapki kamyabi ki duaon ke saath!

(Best wishes for your success!)

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