IESCO Online Bill Check 2024 by Reference No | Duplicate Bill

IESCO offers online billing, so customers do not have to visit their office to pay their bills or determine the amount of their bill. You can check the amount of your bill, the last date, and the complete bill. You can check your bill from Isco online here. Download iesco duplicate bills in June 2024 by entering the reference number, then print or download your bill. Go to the official website and click” “Check Bill following the input of the fourteen-digit reference. You can download bills from the IESCO invoice online by typing in the 14-digit reference number below.

You can now access your IESCO bills online for each month by clicking here. Bill can be described as an internet-based site that is completely free and lets you access your IESCO bill on the Internet easily. You will see your current bill, which is up to date, and the entire bill, including any outstanding charges. Downloading and printing the bill or making it available on the IESCO monthly bill to pay delivery at your closest post office is possible.

Electricity Bill Online Check 2024:

In 2024, checking your electricity bill online has become a convenient and accessible option for many consumers. To check your electricity bill online, you typically need to visit the official website of your electricity provider or the respective online portal designated for bill inquiries. Once on the website, you may be required to register an account or log in using your credentials. After accessing your account, navigate to the bill payment or bill inquiry section. Here, you will likely find an option to view your electricity bill for the specified period. Enter the necessary details, such as your consumer or account number, to retrieve your bill.

The online bill will display important information, including the billing period, meter readings, tariff rates, and the total amount due. This online facility allows consumers to conveniently check their electricity bills from the comfort of their homes, enabling better management of energy consumption and timely bill payments.

IESCO Duplicate Bill 2024:

In 2024, if you require a duplicate copy of your IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company) electricity bill, there are simple ways to obtain it. One option is to visit the official website of IESCO. Look for the “Bill Information” or “Duplicate Bill” section on the website’s homepage. Click on the relevant link and provide the required details, such as your consumer or reference numbers. After submitting the necessary information, the website will generate a duplicate copy of your IESCO bill, which you can view and print for your records or bill payment purposes.

Alternatively, you can request a duplicate bill by contacting the IESCO helpline or customer service center. Provide the representative with your consumer details, and they will assist you in obtaining a copy of your bill. A duplicate bill is useful if you have misplaced or not received the original one, ensuring you have the necessary information for accurate bill payment and record-keeping.

IESCO Duplicate Bill Online

lesco bill online check

It’s a straightforward and free website where you can easily look up the status of your IESCO duplicate bill. It is possible to print and check duplicate copies of your IESCO bill. See the IESCO invoice reference code and check your IESCO Online bill. If you have not received your bill, go to the official site where you can print the bill online. There is no need to wait to see the distributor for your iCo bill. Enter your reference number in the box below to receive your bill from IESCO online in a flash.

Note: Enter your 14-digit Reference Number with no spaces between them, and enter your 10-digit consumer I.D.)

What is A Reference Number?

References are given to the IESCO company to its customers. It is a specific number that is assigned to the customer. A reference number is required to verify the online IESCO bill. It’s comprised of 14 Digits. To view the iSco bill online, you must have the reference number. It contains all the details required regarding your iSco bill. The reference should be as follows: ( 01 14353 1234567).

How To Find The Reference Number?

The IESCO invoice reference is on the IESCO bill from the consumer’s name. It is easily located on the old IESCO bill. The reference number can be found in the image below.

IESCO Online Bill Check 2024 by Reference No | Duplicate Bill

IESCO Online Bill Check 2024 by Reference No | Duplicate Bill

Understanding IESCO Bill

There are many parameters to the bill. We’ve described a few of them in the following:

Connection Date

It’s the date that you first signed up with Isco’s database to get the electric connection.

Reference Number

This is the most important aspect. The reference code is the primary number that identifies your bill. It is the same as your account number. It is possible to pay the bill in the name of this reference number and obtain a duplicate copy by giving the reference number and other details.


On the right side of your invoice, find the date of reading, the issue date, and the date due. These dates indicate when the agent took note of your reading on the meter, the date your bill was issued, and when is the deadline to pay your bill.


A lot of people inquire what exactly is FPA in the electric bill. FPA is a shorthand for the term Fuel Price Adjustment. It’s a technique to alter the electricity rates according to the fluctuation in fuel prices. The FPA price is related to fuel pricing for rental power companies that generate electricity using Crude Oil, etc.

T.R. Surcharge

T.R. is a Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. Based on new guidelines, NEPRA will determine tariffs, and the Government will announce a standard rate for every Distribution company is the result of the differences between the NEPRA tariff and the GOP tariff. If the difference is positive, it will be refunded to GOP as a “Subsidy.” In the event of negative differences, the Distribution Company will pay GOP the “Inter IESCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge ( IDTR SUR ).”

F.C. Surcharge

F.C. is a shorthand for Financing Cost. The Financing Cost Surcharge was initially set at 43 paise for each unit to guarantee the collection of debts and servicing for Power Holding Private Limited.

Bill Timing

Depending on your location, You may get your bill at different times during the month. But you can look through the history of your bills to see the date you read your bill along with the due date and issue date to determine the timing of your bill.

Strategies to cut down on the electric bill

Let’s look at how many units you use in your daily appliances and how to reduce your electric bills by turning off unnecessary appliances. Here’s a listing of the items that have estimated the amount of electricity consumed all day long:

  • Fan: For example, an 80W fan uses 4 units of energy per day.
  • Television consumes approximately 3 units per day.
  • A 24-watt Energy Saver makes use of 1-2 units per day.
  • Larger appliances, such as one-ton A.C.s. A 1-ton A.C. consumes 18 units when it is running for 24 hours in a row.
  • The average refrigerator can consume 4 to 6 units, based on the appliance’s size and age.

If you’re looking to cut down on your electricity bill, note the number of appliances being used in the same period. Here are some suggestions to cut down on your electricity bill:

  1. Turn off appliances that are not needed.
  2. Instead of switching on five energy-saving devices, you can manage with just four or perhaps fewer.
  3. Use daylight to lighten your home instead of using electric bulbs when possible.
  4. Do not use A.C.s in the evenings when they are at their peak.
  5. Set your A.C. to operate at an altitude of 26°C.
  6. Maintain your rooms aerated with fresh air to minimize the need for A.C.s.

How to Pay IESCO Bills?

Here’s the best way to pay for your IESCO Bill online. We have listed every way to pay the IESCO bill. All banks have joined forces with Tesco to ensure that your bills are made without hassle via e-banking options, which include (internet and mobile banking) ATMs, ATMs pockets of financial institutions, or mobile banking. Follow the steps outlined below to make your payment online. The option to pay a partial bill is also available at your convenience.

IESCO Bill payments made through Internet Banking

Follow the simple steps below to pay the electricity bill from the IESCO energy bill.

  1. If you are not yet registered for your bank, you can register on your bank’s website or download our application via Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Huawei App Gallery
  2. login using the credentials you have created (user name) and password)
  3. Click on the “Utility Payment of Bills” icon that is available on the home page
  4. Click “Electricity Bill” and then select the category “Utility.”
  5. Choose “IESCO ISCO Islamabad Electric Supply Company” in the list below.
  6. You can put the reference I.D. you mentioned on your bills from the past.
  7. After Validation, you’ll be sent a Time Password (OTP) to your mobile number or via email.
  8. After confirmation of the OTP, You’ve successfully paid your IESCO bill online.

IESCO Bill Payment Through Mobile App

  1. Click on the “Payments” icon
  2. After pressing “new payments,” choose “Utility Bill Payment.”
  3. Choose “IESCO — Islamabad Electric Supply Company” in the given list
  4. Input the I.D. or reference number that appears on previous bills.
  5. After clicking the next button you will be sent an OTP to your mobile number.
  6. After authentication with the OTP After authentication, you’ve completed the payment of your IESCO bill on the Internet.

IESCO Bill Payment Through Wallet App

  1. If you have not already registered your bank Wallet in the past, download the bank app on Google Play
  2. Store, Apple App Store, or Huawei App Gallery, and open your wallet account now.
  3. Download the Bank Wallet application and then open your branchless bank account
  4. login using the credentials you have created (user username and password)
  5. Click on the “Utility Payment of Bills” icon on the home page
  6. Select “Electricity Bill”
  7. Choose “IESCO” from the list
  8. You must enter the IESCO invoice reference or the customer number on previous bills.
  9. After Validation, you’ll be sent; you’ll receive a Time Password (OTP) via your mobile number or email.
  10. After verifying the OTP authentication, you’ve successfully settled your IESCO bill on the Internet.

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