Islamic Studies MCQs Test 10

1. Who among the following personalities was the commander of infidels in the battle of Uhud?

  • A. Abu Sufyan
  • B. Utba
  • C. Abu JAI
  • D. Rahab
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A. Abu Sufyan

2. The title of Saif Ullah was given to?

  • A. Hazrat Ali
  • B. Hazrat Khalid
  • C. Hazrat Umar
  • D. None of these
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B. Hazrat Khalid

3. Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was blessed with prophet hood at the age of?

  • A. 25
  • B. 13
  • C. 35
  • D. None of these
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B. 13

4. Zakat can be paid to?

  • A. Masakeen
  • B. poor
  • C. needy
  • D. all of these
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D. all of these

5. Longest Surah of the Holy Quran is?

  • A. Ba Laa
  • B. Al-Imran
  • C. Kahaf
  • D. None of these
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B. Al-Imran

6. Kaleem ullah is the title of?

  • A. Hazrat Haroon AS
  • B. Hazrat Musa AS
  • C. Hazrat Issa AS
  • D. None of these
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B. Hazrat Musa AS

7. When Tabook war was between?

  • A. Rome and Muslims
  • B. Rome and Hinduism
  • C. Muslim and Hinduism
  • D. Christian and Rome
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A. Rome and Muslims

8. When did Holy prophet PBUH migrated to Madina?

  • A. 622 AD
  • B. 625 AD
  • C. 621 AD
  • D. 620 AD
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A. 622 AD

9. What is Ghazwa?

  • A. in which the Holy prophet PBUH participated
  • B. In which Hazrat Umat Farooq RA participated
  • C. In which Hazrat Ali RA participated
  • D. None of these
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A. in which the Holy prophet PBUH participated

10. Prophet Muhamamd PBUH had how many sons?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4
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C. 3

11. What is Imam Bukhari’s real name?

  • A. Muhammad Bin Ismail
  • B. Muhammad Ismail
  • C. Muhammad Ibrahim
  • D. Ismail Bin Ibrahim
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A. Muhammad Bin Ismail

12. The first masjid on the Earth is?

  • A. Malfigl-al-Haram
  • B. Masjid-e-Nabavi
  • C. yasjici-e-Aqsa
  • D. None of these
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A. Malfigl-al-Haram

13. Name of the wife of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH who was the daughter of Umar farooq RA was?

  • A. Hazrat Aisha RA
  • B. Hazrat Juawiriya RA
  • C. Hafsa RA
  • D. Mairnonah
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C. Hafsa RA

14. Prophet Muhammad PBUH married Hazrat Khadija at the age of?

  • A. 23
  • B. 25
  • C. 37
  • D. 30
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B. 25

15. Who WbS the first male shaheed of Islam?

  • A. Shoiab Roomi RA
  • B. Hans Bin HaIla RA
  • C. Zaid Bin Haris
  • D. Hamza RA
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B. Hans Bin HaIla RA

16. Which of the first people of Madina embraced Islam?

  • A. Nafees RA
  • B. Abu Ayyub RA
  • C. Sawad bin Alsawat
  • D. Abdullah
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C. Sawad bin Alsawat

17. What is the name of the Sahabi who was the 5th caliph of Islam?

  • A. Mauwiva RA
  • B. Saad bin abi waqas RA
  • C. Hamza RA
  • D. Usama RA
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A. Mauwiva RA

18. Who collected Quranic verses in one place?

  • A. Hazrat Umar RA
  • B. Abdullah lbe Masood RA
  • C. Abdullah lbe Abbas RA
  • D. Hazarat Usman RA
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B. Abdullah lbe Masood RA

19. What is meant by Allah’s attribute “Albarin?

  • A. the maker
  • B. the Generous
  • C. the glorious
  • D. The Awar
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A. the maker

20. Which of the following give the idea to dig a ditch around the city of Madina?

  • A. Umar RA
  • B. Ali RA
  • C. Salman Farsi RA
  • D. Abubakar RA
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C. Salman Farsi RA
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