Islamic Studies MCQs Test 7

1. Name the masque where almost seventy Prophets are buried.

  • (a) Masjid-ul-Nabavi
  • (b)Masjid-ul-Hanif
  • (c)Masjid-ul-Aqsa
  • (d)None of them
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2. The longest surah in the holy Quran is?

  • (a) Surah Al Imran
  • (b) Surah Al Bagara
  • (c) Surah Al Falaq
  • (d) Surah Al Nisa
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(b) Surah Al Bagara 

3. The shortest surah in the holy Quran is?

  • (a) Surah Al Nisa
  • (b) Surah Al Baqara
  • (c) Surah Al Ahzab
  • (d) Surah Al Kausar
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(d) Surah Al Kausar

4. The number of prophets whose names are in the holy Quran is?

  • (a) 10
  • (b) 25
  • (c) 35
  • (d) 37
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(b) 25 

5. Is Injeel (Bible) the holy book of?

  • (a) Hindus
  • (b)Christians
  • (c) Parsis
  • (d) Jews
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6. The Magna Carta was signed during the resign of?

  • (a) Edward II
  • (b)Henry IV
  • (c) John II
  • (d) Queen Elizabeth
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(c) John II

7. The flag of Denmark is the oldest state flag still in use, known as?

  • (a) Dannebrog
  • (b) Union Flag
  • (c) Union Jack
  • (d) Deuche
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(a) Dannebrog

8. 100 Which Roman governor ordered the execution of Hazrat Issa (AS)?

  • (a) Theodore
  • (b) Politics
  • (c) Herodus
  • (d) none of these
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(b) Politics 

9. To which prophet Allah revealed the Zabur?

  • (a) Prophet Mosa
  • (b) Prophet Ibrahim
  • (c) Prophet Jesus
  • (d) Prophet David
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(d) Prophet David

10. What was the relation between Prophet Ismail (PBUH) and Prophet ‘shad (PBUH)?

  • (a) real brother
  • (b) step rather
  • (c) cousins
  • (d) Father and Son
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(b) step rather

11. Who was the foster mother of the holy prophet (PBUH)?

  • (a) Hazrat Amina
  • (b) Hazrat Eve
  • (c) Hazrat Halima
  • (d)Hazrat Hajra
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(c) Hazrat Halima

12. The first migration (hijrat) of the companions and relatives of the prophet (PBUH) was to which place?

  • (a) Makkah
  • (b) Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
  • (c) Medina
  • (d) Jerusalem
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(b) Abyssinia (Ethiopia)

13. Which companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) suggested digging a ditch (khandaq) around Medina to keep Quresh’s army at bay?

  • (a) Hazrat Abo Usman
  • (b) Hazrat Salman Farsi
  • (c) Hazrat Awais Qarni
  • (d) none of them
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(b) Hazrat Salman Farsi

14. In which Surah it is explained that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the Prophet of Allah?

  • (a) Surah Ahzab
  • (b) Surah Mominoon
  • (c) Surah Muhammad (PBUH)
  • (d) Surah Baciara
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(a) Surah Ahzab

15. Was Zabut revealed to the prophet?

  • (a) Hazrat Sulaiman(AS)
  • (b) Hazrat Dawood AS
  • (c) Hazrat Musa (AS)
  • (d) Hazrat Eisa(AS)
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(b) Hazrat Dawood AS
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