Islamic Studies MCQs Test 9

1. In the Tasbeeh of Subhana Rabi-al-Aa1a is offered?

  • A. Sa’ciah
  • B. Rukoo
  • C. Sana
  • D. Qiyarn
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A. Sa’ciah

2. the word “Zakat” is mentioned many times in the Holy Quran.

  • A. 32
  • B. 30
  • C. 28
  • D. 26
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A. 32

3. Was Misaq-e-Madina signed between the Muslims?

  • A. Hindus
  • B. Jews
  • C. Christians
  • D. Iranians
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A. Hindus

4. Which daughter of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was marr to Hazrat Usman (RA)?

  • A. Utbah
  • B. RuQayvah
  • C. Memona
  • D. Ayesha
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C. Memona

5. Current year is which year of Hijri Calendar?

  • (a) 1438
  • (b) 1439
  • (c) 1440
  • (d) 1437
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(b) 1439

6. Mother of Hazrat Yousaf AS was?

  • (a) Rebecca
  • (b) Rachel
  • (c) Alishba
  • (d) Amina
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(a) Rebecca

7. “I am Nab not a liar, I am the son of Abdulmutalib ” When Holy Prophet deliver these Words?

  • (a) At Gazwa-e-Hunian
  • (b) At Gazwa e Khandaq
  • (c) At Ghazwa e Mautah
  • (d) At Gazwa e sawiq
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(c) At Ghazwa e Mautah

8. who ran desperately in search of water between two Hills called Saffa and Marwa?

  • (a) Hazrat Quturah (RA)
  • (b) Hazrat Saarah(RA)
  • (a) Hazrat Hajjrah RA
  • (d) Hazrat Aasiyah RA
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(a) Hazrat Hajjrah RA

9. she was alive at the tragic incident of karbala?

  • (a) Hazrat Aysha RA
  • (b) Harzrat Hafsa RA
  • (c) Hazrat Momina RA
  • (d) Hazrat mi Salma RA
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(d) Hazrat mi Salma RA

10. Which Sahabi was the first Hafiz of Holy Quran?

  • (a) Hazrat Abubakar RA
  • (b) Hazrat Umar RA
  • (c) Hazrat Usman RA
  • (d) Hazrat Ali RA
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(c) Hazrat Usman RA

11. What is the name of the camel that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was riding on the migration of Medina?

  • (a) Duidui
  • (b) Anna
  • (c) Qaswa
  • (d) Zullifqar
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(c) Qaswa

12. Which among the following is called the key to paradise?

  • (a) Fast
  • (b) Salah
  • (c) Han
  • (d) Umrah
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(b) Salah

13. Which caliph added second Azan for Friday prayer?

  • (a) Hazrat Umar
  • (b) Hazrat Usman
  • (c) Hazrat Ali
  • (d) Hazrat Abubakar
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(b) Hazrat Usman

14. Who among the following prophet is called Adam-sani ?

  • (a) Hazrat  Yunus
  • (b) Hazrat Adam
  • (c) Hazrat Noah
  • (d) Hazrat Shoaib
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(c) Hazrat Noah

15.  What was the first civil war in Islam?

  • (a) Jang Yamama
  • (b) Jang larval
  • (c) Jang Tabook
  • (d) Jang Abwa
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(d) Jang Abwa
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