LESCO Bill Online Check Lahore 2024

Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO provides customers a service called LESCO Electronic Bill-Check by Number of the Meter, Referral number, and Customer ID. This method permits customers who did not receive their bills or lost their receipts to view the status of their bills online. You can also LESCO duplicate your bills online with the help of an identifier number, meter number, or customer number in the following manner.


The present era is one of the technological advances; everything is just a click away. This article aims to help those looking to review their LESCO bill online. Many people complain that they aren’t receiving their bills on time or receive them that are due after their due dates. How to check LESCO Bill Online. Additionally, numerous complaints are received, showing the difficulty of applying for the new electricity connection.

LESCO Bill Online Check Lahore 2024

Here’s the procedure of LESCO Bill Online Check Lahore 2024 to get electricity supplies Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO Online Bill Check 2024. Lahore Electric Supply, also called LESCO, is a Pakistani electricity company that supplies electric power in Lahore. It was established in the WAPDA Act of 1958 in the year 1958.

Click and Check LESCO Bill Online

Many cities are included under this electricity supply and the water and energy supply plant. In these cities, the Lahore region and various other regions are included. The company offers various consumer services, including duplicate billing and online bills. Due to technological developments, consumers can check their LESCO bills online with a consumer ID or meter number. You can also access your account online in the comfort of your home.

Print, Check, and download duplicate LESCO Bill Online.

Are you having trouble checking the status of your LESCO account online? Have you lost the bill? Perhaps you received your bill from home, and then it rained, and you can now work out the exact amount you’ll have to pay. Because of the reasons above and others, verifying your electricity bill LESCO via a reliable source is important. Additionally, it’s an effective alternative to waiting in a long line during a scorching hot day.

LESCO Bill Online Check Lahore 2024

LESCO Bill Online Check Lahore 2024

Before I learned about LESCO online bill-checking, I remember my mom worried about the issue. She was sure the mailman would get the bill through the door at the earliest week of each month. However, two weeks passed, and we were forced to discover the truth about our bill not being delivered.

Benefits of an online Billing System that is Very Effective

If the customer isn’t receiving the LESCO Bill because of an issue with the address or perhaps a courier’s mistake, or in other cases, it could be that the customer has lost their bill. There isn’t any proof to pay for it. Lesco Online Bill System is an online portal where customers can look around the site and create duplicate Lesco bills without paying additional fees.

Method to generate a Bill from the Lesco website

Browse lesco.com.pk and then navigate to the Bill Page, or you could also create an inquiry in Google such as open domain.com and type in the search box “Lesco Bill” and then select the first page and Finally, on the Lesco page, enter the Lesco Bill Reference No. Press Enter to continue. The system will produce your most recent month’s bill, and you can print a copy. Your printed bill can be accepted at any Lesco Bill Receiving Agent Counter. Like commercial banking institutions, Small Shops of Omni Easy Pace, Nadra eSahulat, etc.

Online Billing in Pakistan

Online billing isn’t new. It was first introduced in Pakistan over a decade ago. Before the introduction of online billing, most people paid bills by waiting in line in front of banks or by transferring funds via EasyPaisa.

In addition to paying utility charges or paying for an Uber driver, it is now possible to use your credit card information to shop at various shops and take advantage of numerous services instead of paying with cash. However, online payment methods have gained a lot of acceptance in Pakistan.

Local businesses have shifted into digital platforms, specifically in the Coronavirus crisis. There’s been a lot of focus from various brands on enhancing the digital marketing process and online shopping and payment options online.

Steps to verify LESCO bill Online

  • Visit the Lesco Bill website.
  • Enter the reference number for the bill or customer ID (only one is required or both) and click the “Check Bill button.
  • You’ll see your bill amount due date, payment date, the date of issue, etc.
  • If you want to view the complete bill, click the “View Complete Bill’Bill” button.
  • Print and download the Lesco utility bill with a complete bill view.

Send Your Suggestions to the LESCO Web Portal

Every customer is invited to share their ideas through client feedback that will assist Lesco in enhancing our services. Our technical teams are creating the most effective possible solutions for our clients, and the continuous feedback from customers will assist us in implementing the strategies.

LESCO Online Bill 2024 of July Check Online

Regularly checking our site and paying your bills on time will reduce your monthly expenses. If you’re looking for an old bill, you might locate it here (if you’ve looked up your bill in the last month via readings on the blog). You can also sign up to receive bill emails and the latest bill for May 2024 by email. You can access your bill online at Customer ID or Reference Number. Check the bill amount on the due date and see if the payment status is correct. The bill is either paid or not.

You must enter your reference number or customer ID to see your electricity bill from Wapda. It is now easy to input reference numbers as simple as entering the number, while our platform will take care of the input field’s focus. Other websites have it’s somewhat confusing to manually change the focus for the second and third input fields; however, Ratta.com.pk makes it simpler to enter a reference number by focusing on the input field itself. Therefore, We provided the most efficient method of checking bills.

LESCO Duplicate Bill Online Check 2024

Each meter number can be different for displaying the bill with 15 digits, 16 characters, and a single alphabetic number. It is possible to use the consumer ID or meter number you received on the last LESCO bill to verify the LESCO bill 2024 online. You cannot simply check the bill online; you may also print it and send it to any nationally recognized bank. Follow the steps below to view your LESCO bill online for 2024.

1. North Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 28 Sub Divisions
2. Central Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 31 Sub Divisions
3. Eastern Lahore Circle 4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
4. Okara Circle 4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
5. South-Eastern LHR Circle 4 Divisions /26 Sub Divisions
6. Sheikhupura Circle 4 Divisions / 18 Sub Divisions
7. Kasur Circle 5 Divisions / 30 Sub Divisions
8. Nankana Circle 4 Divisions / 16 Sub Divisions

LESCO Helpline

If you have any concerns, contact LESCO Headquarters by calling their customer service at 111-000-118. If the line continues, it’s not necessarily a sign. The receiver has been disconnected from the line, and there’s no one available to contact; many customers are trying to contact. So it could take some time to connect.

If you have issues regarding your account, like “bill blockage” or searching for an adjustment, go to the Customer Services Center in your neighborhood or call LESCO Headquarters (111-000-118). Please visit the nearest office for new connection/registration.

Last Words

LESCO Bill Check Online 2024: Users may use the abovementioned methods using the reference numbers or your customer’s ID. Lesco, a subsidiary of the Punjab government, has launched an online system for the production of billing duplicates within Pakistan in collaboration with LESCO. The process of printing is explained in detail. Follow the steps below to receive your LESCO invoice online. Let us know in the comments If you have any queries.

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