NITB Result 2024 Batch 15, 16, 17, and 18 Check Online

National Information Technology Board Islamabad NITB Results for 2024 are now accessible at the website of NITB: Candidates who took part in the exam are waiting for the results. We are delighted to inform you of this NITB IT Basic Results and the waiting list for batch 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 Candidates awaiting the BIT Exam in Batch 14, the list of candidates who are valid for Batch 14 and the List of Valid Candidates will be made public here. The results of Retake 14-5 and Batch 15 were declared. Results for Batch-16 and Batch-17 are expected to be announced by 15 Nov 2024.

Review NITB Results Batch 17 2024 announced on the internet at Basic IT Batch Results, as well as the NITB waiting list for batch 16, 17, 18, and 17 status, are available on this website. National Information Technology Board NITB results for 2024 batch-wise can be viewed online using your name and roll number. To view your NITB results online, input your roll number.

Result of Batch-14 Check Online
Result of Batch-15 Check Online

NITB Result 2024 Batch 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Students are searching for NITB Results 2024 Batch 13-14 and 15 can find it here. NITB is the test-taking body for Basic IT Training. The NITB is the body that is accountable for education in the field of information technology in Pakistan. Its primary purpose is to incorporate information technology in every government department.

Check NITB Batch 17 Result Online

It is a positive future, as the entire globe has something to offer the information technology sector. The course is divided into several phases, each followed by an exam. The first stage is named “Services.” After that, the training begins and ends with Fundamental IT-related Training.

Basic IT Result of Batch-10.5 (Retake) and Batch-11 (Module-3) Check Result
Basic IT Result of Batch-10.5 (Retake) and Batch-11 (Module-6) Check Result
Basic IT result from Batch-10 (Module 3) Check Result
Basic IT result from Batch-10 (Module 6) Check Result

NITB Result Announced

NITB envisages a digitally advanced and IT-enabled Pakistan in the coming five years. It will provide top IT consulting services. The public departments and the Ministries require specialized advice and technical assistance to fulfil their primary goals in Pakistan effectively.

NITB Result 2024 Batch 15, 16, 17, and 18 Check Online

NITB Result 2023 Batch 15, 16, 17, and 18 Check OnlineNational Information Technology Board NITB result batch 14 15 has been released. Download the NITB result from this page or the official website: http://www. .pk. You can check NITB test results using the given roll number, as well as CNIC (below is provided). The easiest way to download the test results is to check your batch number and click the link. The resultant files for Batches 16 and 17 are available for download.

NITB Waiting List Batch 16 2024 Download

The Government of Punjab established the National Information Technology Board (NITB) in 1999. It is an autonomous entity in the Punjab Department of Industries. The board’s purpose is to help transform Pakistan into a technologically advanced nation by offering Information Technology support to federal departments and ministries to help accelerate the pace of advancement. The most recent NITB waiting list, Batch 16-2024, is downloaded on this page. The NITB has released this list.

NITB Batch 17 Result 2024

NITB is playing an essential role in authenticating crucial technology, automation, and IT-based implementation, as well as other IT projects, graphic design, and development. Additionally, NITB is enhancing the impact of e-commerce and the culture of governance within all departments of government and public administration. This group has boosted the e-governance infrastructure and performance of the public sector.

National Information Technology Board Result 2024

If you’re among the people who are interested in knowing NITB results 2024 batch-wise and batch-wise, then you’re at exactly the right place. We’ve spoken with officials from NITB, and they are preparing to release results online in a few days. It is important to keep close to monitoring your results as soon as you receive the announcement. You can also download your batch-wise results from this site. We have given you a direct link to test the result without issues.

NITB Result 2024

NITB test results for 2024 batch 12 are important because everyone wants to improve. However, lots of people would like to be appointed to this department. Therefore, the National Information Technology Board has determined and announced that people interested in making an appointment for the first time or being promoted are required to succeed in the NITB exam in 2024 and be promoted and appointed. If you fail to pass, you won’t be qualified. The next ratio will be determined.

1. Batch-14-5 Download
2. Batch-14 Download
3. Batch-15 Download
4. Basic IT Batch-13.5 Download
5. Batch 13 CPL1-3 – RL Result Download

NITB Result 2024

Visit this site to see NITB basic IT results and a running list of groups 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and clump 15, 17, 16, and 17. The entire list of National Information Technology Board Islamabad NITB Results for 2024 can be found via the official site National Information and Technology Board Results 2024 for all batches is available on this page. Candidates who took part in the exam written by NITB in their BIT course and are waiting for the results, we have informed you that the results of all batches can be viewed on this page via an online link. The results for the test retake can also be accessible on this page.

NITB Result Batch 16 2024

It would be best to remain in touch to verify your result following the authority announcement. You may also download the cluster-informed results on this page. We’ve provided a quick link to view the results without difficulty.

BIT Course Result 2024

Dear applicants, if you’re having any problems verifying your NITB results online, please leave a comment below. We will inform you of your results via roll number, CNIC numbers, and by name.

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