NUMS Entry Test Roll No Slip 2024 Download Test Date Syllabus

The National University of Medical Sciences NUMS sent MBBS and BDS roll numbers to students, but some students are still waiting for their roll numbers. NUMS Roll Number Slip 2024 Download Entry Test Date Syllabus check. NUMS Entry Test Roll No Slip 2024 Download Online for the test. Students must log in to the NTS website to obtain roll number slips. Admit Card/ Roll No Slips will be generated for all eligible candidates. Candidates are required to download it from the NUMS website To get the NUMS roll no slip for the entry test, enter your Candidate ID/Deposit ID (mentioned on Deposited Bank Challan), CNIC (for local students), or Passport in the search box.

The NUMS test will be held shortly. The NUMS test will include English MCQs, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. NTS NUMS Test Roll Number Slips 2024 You can download them online easily. So, candidates download NUMS Roll Number Slip 2024 and appear in the test. The National University of Medical Sciences NUMS sent students MBBS and BDS number slips. However, some students are still waiting for roll numbers. If you’re one of the students, you must sign in on the NTS website to obtain roll number slips. The NUMS test will begin soon.

NUMS Roll Number Slip 2024

Enter your CNIC, Candidate ID/Deposit I (mentioned in Deposited Bank Challan), or CNIC (for students locally) to download NUMS roll number slip 2024 from the NUMS Official Website. The deadline for submitting bids is 11:01 p.m.

NUMS Registration Slip Download by CNIC

Download NUMS MDCAT Roll No Slips 2024 from the National University of Medical Sciences of MBBS / BDS. The official website is NUMS Registration Slip Download by CNIC for Entry test. Here is the NUMS Entry Test Roll No. Slips 2024 for candidates. This webpage contains the roll numbers of all candidates. It also includes the paper’s start and location.

NUMS Syllabus 2024

Here is the important announcement for students who didn’t receive their NUMS number 2024. The NTS test is fair and transparent, and all decisions are made on merit. The NTS test is valid for one year. The test is required if you are interested in HEC-recognized colleges and universities. Check NUMS Merit List 2024.

How to download NUMS Roll Number Slip

  • Click the link below
  • You will be redirected directly to the NTS website
  • Enter Your CNIC Number and print [Download and Print Now]
  • If You’re unable to download via CNIC
  • Place your name in a block (capital letter)
  • You can follow the video guide step-by-step below

MDCAT Entry Test Roll Number Slip 2222

NUMS Admission Card MDCAT Entry Test must be presented to participate in the NUMS Entry Test scheduled for 11 October 2024. You can download the Admission Card MDCAT Entry Exam and bring it with your Matric Slip, ID Card B, etc. You will be taken to the Test Centers for MDCAT listed on your slip.

Download NUMS Roll Number Slip Online

NUMS Entry Test Roll No Slip 2024 Download Test Date Syllabus

NUMS Entry Test Roll No Slip 2023 Download Test Date Syllabus

The NUMS test for 2024 will cover Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English multiple-choice questions. You can easily download the NUMS Test Roll Number Slips for 2024 from the official website without any hassle. To download the roll slips, you will need to provide your CNIC, Candidate ID/Deposit Identification (mentioned in the deposited bank challan), and CNIC (for local students) or Passport. The deadline for submitting bids is the 12th of November 2024 until 11:00 AM.

NUMS Roll Number Slip 2024 Download

Many applicants have applied for the MDCAT exam to be considered for admission as a student. However, NUMS has now issued roll number slips for the 2024 MDCAT exam, which can be downloaded from their website. Students must possess a valid ID slip in order to take the exam; failing to do so will not make them eligible for admission to NUMS University. To obtain the roll number slips, please visit the designated webpage and follow the instructions. Once you have all the necessary information, you can print the slips for future reference.

NUMS Entry Test Roll Number Slip 2024

The National University of Medical Sciences is a highly esteemed institution located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It was established in 2015 and is affiliated with eight well-known universities. Every year, numerous students enroll at NUMS. HSSC classes at NUMS cover the entire exam syllabus, so it’s essential to revise previous classes thoroughly.

NUMS Entry Test Roll No Slip 2024 Download

Dear students, kindly note that NUMS has not yet released the Roll No. Slips. However, once they are announced, you can access them on Ilmkiduniya. If you’re unsure about the process of obtaining the roll number slip, you can refer to the previous year’s method. To download the NUMS roll number slip in pdf format from the previous years, please visit the NUMS official website at

To obtain roll number slips for the NUMS admission test, you need to enter your Candidate ID/Deposit Identification (mentioned on the Deposited Challan of Bank) or your CNIC (for local students), Passport (for international students) or NICOP (for international students) – whichever was available during registration or registration at NUMS. You can do this starting from September 24, 2024, onwards, by filling in these details on the NUMS admit card portal. Once you have submitted your details, you can download your NUMS admit card from the same site. Please note that the NUMS test roll number slip for 2024 has not been released yet.

NUMS Roll Number Slip MDCAT Entry Test

It is important to note that NUMS University conducts an entry exam via MDCAT every calendar year. This exam plays a crucial role for students who want to enroll and pass the test. If you want to participate in the entrance exam, you must download your NUMS MDCAT roll number slip. All the necessary details about the NUMS MDCAT roll slips download are available in the table below. Without the roll slip, applicants cannot participate in the entrance exam.

The NUMS Roll number slip for the 2024 date has not been announced yet. If you’re interested in finding out the procedure to find the Nums roll slip, go through these instructions. You could also follow these steps to pass the NUMS roll slips that do not have a slip Test 2024:

  1. After clicking on the hyperlink above, the NUMS website opens. Click on CNIC (or Candidate ID) If you are a Pakistani student. If you are from abroad, select Passport or NICOP to take the NUMS Roll Number Slip entry test.
  2. Enter the word numbers that are shown in the CAPTCHA code:
  3. Click on Get Admit Card.
  4. Then, you will receive the NUMS roll number of your MBBS/BDS MBBS slip 2024.
  5. Press the Print Admission Card in red, which is displayed at the height of the page. The following page will appear:
  6. Then save the HTML0 as a PDF file, or you can directly print it. When you save it in PDF format, NUMS Entry Test Roll and no slip will be saved to the Downloads on your mobile or laptop.

How much did you prepare for the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test?

What are you concerned about with the numbers test? It’s a straightforward test. It is important to be optimistic and believe in Allah to succeed. You can download your NUMS ROLL NO Slip. You can also Download NUMS Previous Papers to assess your preparation for the nums mdcat 2024.

Solve any NUMS MDCAT paper between 2012 and 2020, then calculate your score. The average score for NUMS Bestpers from NUMS Past PAPERS is 90%. Therefore, they advise solving all past papers to ensure optimal preparation.

NUMS MDCAT Syllabus/ Curriculum Past Papers Download

The National University of Management and Sciences has also posted the NUMS MDCAT Syllabus entry Test 2024. Get NUMS MDCAT Entry Exam Syllabus for free online. You Can Download MDCAT Past Papers. MDCAT Entrance Test Papers Past Solved may be downloaded from this page. Download Past Solved Papers NUMS Entry Test. The syllabus of the MDCAT Test 2024 Entry Test 2024 can be downloaded.

NUMS Roll Number Slip 2024 Download

To be able to apply for admission, a group of students has registered for the MDCAT; however, NUMS has now released the roll number slip 2024, which is available for download because, without a roll number slip, students can’t take the exam. If students fail the test, they cannot become part of NUMS’s university. NUMS. Therefore, you can get the roll number slips on this webpage, and after the information, you will be able to obtain the slips. In addition, every year, NUMS University conducts the entrance exam through MDCAT, which is required when students can take this exam. Additionally, all details on the NUMS MDCAT roll number slip download can be found in the table below.

Download the NUMS roll number slip 2024 pdf from NUMS Official Website Enter your Candidate ID/Deposit I (for local students or Passport for overseas students) or CNIC (for overseas students) to obtain NUMS roll number slip 2024. This information will be available starting September 24, 2024. These details must be entered into the NUMS admit card portal. The NUMS test date 2024 roll number slip has not yet been announced.

NUMS Admit Cards 2024

  • Candidates must arrive at least three hours before the 2024 Entry Test begins, i.e., at 7.00 a.m. All centers will then be sealed and closed at 9:30 a.m.
  • Candidates must be aware of the following things on the day they take the test:
  • You can download the NUMS website to obtain printed Admit cards and Roll no slips.
  • Original Matriculation Certificate, Original CNIC or Passport, NICOP/Form B
  • Clipboard
  • Two black or blue ballpoints. It is not permitted to use gel pens/ink pencils/pointers, etc.
  • Mask wearing
  • Using mobile phones, smart watches, or other electronic devices is strictly forbidden.

The Chancellor of the University is the honorable President of Pakistan, and the Chief of Army Staff is the ProChancellor. The annual exams for the different degree programs NUMS offers are held according to the schedule. The National University of Management Science MDCAT Roll Number Slip download is not available. Candidates cannot appear in the entrance test, so please first download the slip.

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