Physics MCQs Test 8

1. Which one is the correct relation for fundamental frequency of open and closed pipe ?

  • A. fopen = 2 fclosed
  • B. fclosed = 2fopen
  • C. fopen = fclosed
  • D. fopen = 1 / f closed
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A. fopen = 2 fclosed
2. Newton estimated the speed of sound _____________________?

  • A. 281m/sec
  • B. 333m/sec
  • C. 340m/sec
  • D. all of the above
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A. 281m/sec
3. The speed of sound in hydrogen is _____________ time than that in oxygen?

  • A. Two times
  • B. Three times
  • C. Four time
  • D. Six time
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C. Four time
4. The speed of stationary waves in a stretched string are independent of___________________?

  • A. Number of loops
  • B. Tension in the string
  • C. Point where string is plucked
  • D. both A and C
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D. both A and C
5. Which phenomena can be applied to estimate the velocity of star with respect to earth ___________________?

  • A. Dopplers effect
  • B. Interference of waves
  • C. Beats phenomena
  • D. All of these
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A. Dopplers effect
6. The waves that require a material medium for their propagation are called__________________?

  • A. matter waves
  • B. electromagnetic waves
  • C. carrier waves
  • D. mechanical waves
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D. mechanical waves
7. When two identical traveling waves are superimposed, the velocity of the resultant wave__________________?

  • A. decreases
  • B. increases
  • C. remains unchanged
  • D. becomes zero
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C. remains unchanged
8. If stretching force T of wire increases, then its frequency __________________?

  • A. decreases
  • B. increases
  • C. remains the same
  • D. any of above
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B. increases
9. It is possible to distinguish between transverse and longitudinal waves form the property of __________________?

  • A. refraction
  • B. polarization
  • C. interference
  • D. diffraction
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B. polarization
10. Sound waves do not travel in vacuum because ___________________?

  • A. they are transverse waves
  • B. they are stationary waves
  • C. they require material medium for propagation
  • D. they do not have enough energy
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C. they require material medium for propagation

11. What are the dimensions of stress?

  • A. MLT-2
  • B. ML-2T-1
  • C. ML-1T-2
  • D. ML-T-1
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C. ML-1T-2
12. Which one of the following physical quantities does not have the dimensions of force per unit area?

  • A. Stress
  • B. Strain
  • C. Youngs modulus
  • D. Pressure
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B. Strain
13. A wire of length L is stretched by a length E when a force F is applied at one end. If the elastic limit is not exceeded the amount of energy stored in the wire is_________________?

  • A. FE
  • B. (FE)
  • C. FE2/L
  • D. FE2
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B. (FE)
14. When a force is applied at one end of an elastic wire it produces a strain ∝ in the wire. If y is the Youngs modulus of the material of the wire the amount of energy stored per unit volume of the wire is given by_________________?

  • A. Y∝
  • B. 2Y∝
  • C. Y∝/2
  • D. Y∝2
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D. Y∝2
15. A wire suspended vertically from one end is stretched by attaching a weight of 20N to the lower end. The weight stretches the wire by 1mm. How much energy is gained by the wire ?

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