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Register now! PMC NLE Exam Pakistan 2024 This year, the Pakistan Medical Commission has revealed the NLE Exam 2024 for Medical Graduates from Pakistan. NLE Exam Pakistan 2024 will take place on August 20, 2024. PMC National Licensing Exam 2024 is mandatory for every MBBS graduate who has completed their certification in the vicinity or is unfamiliar with it. PMC NLE Examination 2024 is crucial to getting a work permit in Pakistan. Online registration for the PMC NLE Exam Pakistan 2024 has begun. Each Medical and Dental Practitioner has to sign up. Register now for NLE Steps 1 and 2 (Medical/Dental). If you’re qualified and would like to sit for NLE Step 1 and 2 (Medical/Dental) National Licensing Exam in 2024, Register on the Internet. Medical graduates from Pakistan must take the NLE examination in 2024, which was notified of by the Pakistan Medical Commission. Pakistan Medical Commission.

Registration for the Pakistan Medical Commission has been open to the National Licensing Examination 2024 applicants. Students interested in enrolling in the NLE must sign up for an account and begin online registration. As of NLE, Phase 1 registration was completed in November 2024, and the exam was scheduled for December 20, 2024. Candidates can submit their applications for online PMC NLE Exam Registration 2024 through May 30, 2024. Exam Pakistan 2024

The online registration process is now open. NLE Exam Pakistan 2024 is accessible to all MBBS graduates, either from the local area or unfamiliar with Pakistan, to obtain a PMC License to perform their profession in Pakistan. There will be two sections that comprise this NLE Exam 2024. PMC has also issued its Syllabus for the NLE Exam 2024. The NLE Exam in Pakistan is in August 2024. Every MBBS graduate who has completed their certification in the near or far region must take a PMC National Licensing Exam 2024. You can check the PMC MDCAT Registration 2024 procedure here. We will send you the key to the test at the end of the night of the test—pmcexams gov pk 2024.

PMC Syllabus for NLE Exam 2024

Candidates can download the PMC NLE Syllabus to prepare for National Licensing Examination 2024. The paper pattern of NLE Exam 2024 is available comprehensively inside PMC Syllabus NLE Exam 2024.

NLE STEP 1 (MEDICAL) Registration
NLE STEP 1 (DENTAL) Registration
NLE STEP 2 (MEDICAL) Foreign Graduates Registration

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PMCexams Online Applications 2024 final date is getting closer. You must sign up for your National Medical & Dental College Admission Test 2024, which is conducted through the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). MDCAT 2024 will be based on computer-based multiple-choice tests (MCQs) and will be held in different locations all over Pakistan and other countries.

Pakistan Medical Council has introduced the NLE test. It is essential for those seeking a medical degree in another country and looking to establish a practice in Pakistan. Today, a foreign-qualified doctor is not able to practice without the NLE. Recently, the PMC passed the NLE exam, and many hopefuls could pass the NLE test.

Registration is open NLE.

A candidate who has completed the Theory with a 70% score can be enrolled for the CSE Exam for the subsequent five years. Suppose an understudy does not manage to breeze over the Clinical Skill Examination multiple times repeatedly. In that case, they will likely be re-tested to take the NLE (i.e., from the primary stage, the hypothesis test).

NLE Exam Syllabus Download Online
NLE Exam Regulations Download Online


Pakistan Medical Commission. (Student Online – NLE STEP 1 Medical Pakistan Center) and Step 2. LOGIN. Enter your email address and password. To Login. Your Email. Candidates who have passed the Theory part of the CSE exam with a 70 percent score can take the exam for the coming five years. Students who fail repeatedly in the Clinical Skill Examination are regarded as having re-applied for the NLE test (i.e., from the principal stage testing hypothesis).


To be eligible to participate in the NLE, applicants must possess an MBBS diploma from a medical school recognized by the government.

The PMC will issue candidates who have completed the NLE a certificate of registration to permit them to perform medical practice in Pakistan.

The requirements for NLE are:

  • Medical bachelor and bachelor of surgery(MBBS)
  • Bachelor of Dentistry Surgery (BDS)

The applicants must possess an authentic primary source of confirmation of their medical degree, per the World Directory of Medical Schools.

This new PMC incorporates the medical board and other relevant bodies, including academic boards from different countries, that set standards for the practice of their respective fields.

PMC NLE Exam 2024 Online Registration via

PMC NLE Exam 2024 Online Registration via

PMC NLE Result Dental

Registration through the Internet Registration on the Internet for non-Pakistani MBBS graduates are eligible to apply for a Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) license through this NLE Exam Pakistan 2024. For 2024’s NLE Exam 2024, there will be two sections. This NLE Examination Syllabus in 2024 was made available by PMC.

Candidates are waiting for the outcomes of this PMC NLE exam in 2024. We are currently updating the results from this Pakistan Medical Council NLE exam 2024. Log into the PMC account to view PMC NLE Exam Results 2024. We’ve provided a short URL here to download the PMC NLE Exam Result 2024 to download and check.

NLE Exam Pattern

Medical students in Pakistan must take the NLE test in 2024. which was announced by the Pakistan Medical Commission. Pakistan Medical Commission. NLE Exam Pakistan 2024 is scheduled to occur in the month following. All graduates of recognized medical schools in the United States or another country must pass the PMC National Licensing Exam in 2024.

MBS NLE PMC Registration Pakistan Medical Commission application form complete information is provided below on how to fill out this PMC NLE Registration form. It’s a simple method to fill out the form in a procedure step-by-step in the following steps. Pakistan Medical Commission is formerly popularly recognized as the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council PMDC. It is an independent body that was established in 1962. the headquarters of which is in Islamabad, Pakistan.

How do I sign up to be a participant in NLE 2024?

NLE Step-1 (Dental) and NLE Step 2 (Medical) registrations have been officially opened through the PMC. Anyone who wishes to register for an exam through the NLE Exams may do so through the PMC website and fill out the online form.

Today, NLE Medical & Dental Step-1 and Step-2 registration (June effort) was announced again for April 20, 2024. The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) is the body responsible for promoting dental and medical training in Pakistan. The PMC evaluates students via the NLE to determine their eligibility to obtain a medical license to practice in Pakistan. The NLE offers exams twice per year. The examination is valid for five years.

PMC online Registration check

The Pakistani National License Examination (NLE) in 2024 will be required to obtain a license. The deadline to register in NLE registration for the PMC NLE is November 20, 20,24. The NLE Exam will be conducted twice a year. Candidates who have earned their MBBS degree before 2021 are eligible to take the NLE test.

Doctors who have earned their degrees with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. The MBBS degree holders must take and successfully pass an exam called the National License Exam to start practicing. In light of this, the PMC’s NLE registration Pakistan Medical Commission MBBS Certificate has been opened by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).


Q. Is there a deadline to submit registration for the PMC NLE exam registration?

For NLE I Dental, the final date is April 25, 2024. NLE-2 (CSE) Medical’s last date is April 21, 2024.

Q. When do I have the opportunity to submit my application for the NLE test?

Once you’ve completed your medical degree and bachelor’s degree, as well as the bachelor’s in surgical studies (MBBS) and ‘bachelor’s in dental surgery(BDS), you can apply to sit for an NLE Exam.

Q. Where can I get the entire syllabus for the NLE exam?

You can download the entire syllabus and learn how to prepare it on our site,

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