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The Pakistan Customs Department began the PSW Pakistan Single Window program for traders. International traders will have access to electronic access to import and export their products. It’s a time-saving and free service offered by customs departments. For the first time, the government of Pakistan introduced an electronic registration system called PSW to assist the trading community. PSW integrates digital platforms to improve the quality of export, import, and transit-related regulations. Govt of Pakistan has achieved an impressive result in establishing a partnership that combines banks and customs. Initially, you need to complete the PSW registration online through In this article, you will learn the PSW registration procedure and how to subscribe. Keep reading this article thoroughly.

PSW registration 2024 is online on this page. This page is for the registration of PSW 2024. Pakistan Customs Service has started an initiative for traders called PSW (Pakistan Single Window). International traders will be able to export and import goods using digital instruments. It’s a free service that saves time and doesn’t cost any money. It is the first time Pakistan’s government Pakistan has introduced a program known as PSW to assist traders. PSW is a platform for digital transactions that combines export, import, and transit regulations and improves them.

Pakistan Single Window Registration

It would be best if you visited ”” and then click on the “Subscribe” link. When you click on the “Subscribe button, you will be directed to a page with an option to view these Terms and Conditions for Use. By checking the appropriate box, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions that apply to the PSW Subscription. Click the button ‘Proceed’ to proceed with the subscription procedure. The page ‘Subscription Information’ will be displayed. Choose the ‘NTN holder’ entity type if you sign up for PSW through NTN. Input the NTN numbers (Initial 7 numbers only) and click the ‘Validate’ button.

PSW Registration Last Date

PSW is a public-based platform that allows traders to register online. Any business dealing in imports and exporting to foreign markets will benefit from PSW. Banks that are nominated approve profiles of PSW members at a time. They will receive a relaxation of verification of transactions. The government’s main goal is to facilitate commerce with the world within Pakistan.

Pakistan Single Window PSW is an ICT-based National Single Window NSW system in Pakistan. Begin with the PSW Registration process by going to using your web browser. Click on Registration. Read carefully the conditions and terms. Then, please select the checkbox I accept the terms and conditions. You must accept these terms and conditions and go on. In the drop-down menu, choose the bank. For authentication, include the following information: CNIC, NTN, SECP Number.

Pakistan Single Window Login

After payment, users’ credentials are checked using OTP (One Time Password). Perform biometric verification through the NADRA E-Sahulat Center, available at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Once you have completed your Biometric verification, an email will be sent to your registered email address to create an account password. Log in to the PSW portal using UID along with a Password.

PSW Registration Process 2024

Registering to PSW is simple and can be done on the internet. On, you can begin the registration process online by signing up. Select the button that reads Sign Up at the top of the page. Step 2 verification is entirely up to you. You must provide your CNIC or NTN SECP number and cell phone number along with your email. Place your PSW into the bank you have chosen. There is no fee for subscriptions that is refundable. A variety of banks pay PSW fees for registration.

PSW Enrollment Registration 2024

Go to the NADRA office nearest to you and have your biometrics analyzed. Candidates must create their passwords so that they can access their accounts. One trader is associated with the bank, and the bank grants permission for him to trade. Once that’s done, traders mustn’t complete trade transactions simultaneously.

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Psw Registration 2024 Online Last Date |

Psw Registration 2024 Online Last Date |

Pakistan Single Window Registration 2024

Visit and click the link that reads Subscribe. When you click Submit, you’ll be directed to a new webpage with the link to our Terms and Conditions. You must read the terms and conditions for the PSW Subscription and check the box that states you have agreed to the terms. For the subscription to continue the process, you must click on Proceed. The page that states Subscription Information will show up. If you’re signing up for PSW using your NTN, select that NTN holder’s entity type. Enter the seven digits that comprise the first 7 digits of your NTN number, and then select”Validate.

PSW Biometric Verification Online

Nowadays, there’s a NADRA office in each town in Pakistan. Every one of Pakistan’s NADRA offices provides online biometric verification of PSW. Every trader must confirm their PSW by using biometrics. Pakistan’s customs department has set up PSW offices in various cities, like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Faisalabad. Dear readers, We hope this article will convince you to register for PSW. The PSW authorities will be able to tell you more.

PSW registration Authorization Letter 2024

If you got the code in an email, paste the “Email OTP in the textbox and click the submit button. After that, the system will show a page that reads “Biometric Verification. Verification of biometrics is needed to complete the registration. Go to the nearest Nadra-E-Sahulat Center. We authenticated biometrics in the Nadra-E-Sahulat Shop near our office. Please stop by and mention that we want to confirm biometrics using PSW (Pakistan One Window). login

PSW can streamline the procedures related to regulations that govern international trade in the private sector. This will benefit economic players like importers, exporters, importers, freight forwarders, shipping companies, clearing agents, transporters, and others By reducing the cost, complexity, and time needed to reach compliance with the regulations. The introduction of PSW reduces the amount of effort, time, and costs required to achieve compliance.

Pakistan Single Window (PSW)

  • PSW is a digital platform that permits parties involved in transport and trade to submit standard documents and other information using one entry point for all export, import, and transit-related regulations.
  • The current EIF and EFE process on WEBOC will be replaced by a real-time exchange of information through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) mechanism that connects Customs and Banks via the PSW platform.
  • The bank’s core banking systems and PSW will have two-way communication in which the customer’s static information, financial information from the underlying trade transaction, import/export payments information, and declaration of goods (GD) data will be exchanged via EDI.
  • PSW is based on previously approved bank profiles of the trader following due diligence by banks. The trader will not need to go to their bank every time to get approval so long as the transaction is within the guidelines set by banks.
  • Once the trader has been registered and the bank has approved his profile, the trader is free to continue conducting trade without request from the banks.
  • To conduct trade transactions in PSW, the trader must register on the PSW website at by following the simple 6-step registration process as demonstrated in the ‘How to Register tab.

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The new feature is available to foreign-owned or local-owned businesses that don’t have a Pakistani director in the national office or authorized representative registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) or the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to become an active member of PSW. This feature allows businesses to subscribe to the PSW system and perform trade transactions across borders.

Pakistan Single Window Online Apply Login

If the data is stored electronically, each element is required only once. Pakistan Single Window will reduce the time and cost of conducting trade in Pakistan and make trade-related processes more efficient, simple, and transparent. Go to this site to complete the pre-registration form to begin the registration process and determine your place in line.

Psw Registration of Bank Al Habib Limited

Pakistan is expected to build an international-class automated hub by 2024. It will offer services and improve efficiency to reduce the cost of trade across borders, delay, and complexity for greater ease in trade and compliance.

PSW (Pakistan Single Window) is a new trade system that allows people involved in trade and transport to provide standardized documents and other information through an entry point to satisfy all import, export, and transport-related requirements. The data must only be filed once if it is stored electronically and includes various information elements.

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