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Shaukat Khanum Lab Reports Result 2024 can be found here if you’re searching for Shaukat Khanum Lab Reports Result 2024 but did not get any results. Shaukat Khanum Lab Test Report Result Online 2024 by You don’t have to worry; you’ve come to the right place to obtain Shaukat Khanum’s Lab Reports Results 2024. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Research Centre have announced their year-long lab report result for 2024 here. If you’re waiting for Shaukat Khanum Lab Reports Result 2024, check the results here.

A safe and efficient tool has been developed to give you Shaukat Khanum’s lab test results online. A link for this feature is available in this article. Examining these reports using tabs on your laptop, computer, or smartphone is possible. Printing and downloading the test report are also accessible. The procedure for finding Shaukat Khanum’s online lab test results is described below.

To begin, click the link provided on this page in bold font. Make a note of the invoice number and the access code on the invoice receipt. Write them down in the 2 boxes. Then click the “submit” button. Shaukat Khanum’s lab test online will show up on your screen. The report is now available to download, read, and print quickly. You can also pick up your hard copy of the report from the center for collection at the end of the specified date.

Shaukat Khanum Lab Reports Result 2024

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center are the first in Pakistan. The hospital has the most modern technology and machinery, with highly experienced and trained technical staff. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Research Centre is a fantastic hospital where lab reports are accepted worldwide. The hospital is currently opening labs in various cities across Pakistan.

How do you get the Shaukat Khanum Lab Test Report Result Online?

I’ll discuss the steps to get Shaukat Khanum lab Test Report results online in this article. First, you must visit the official URL of Shaukat Khanum’s official site at the bottom of this page. Then, write down the invoice number and the access code number on the receipt you received from Shaukat Khanum Lab. Then, enter these details in the provided boxes on the official pageant and press”Submit.”

Check the test result here. See the Shaukat Khanum lab results in Lahore, the test report, the price/rates, and the report below. This is how to see the Shaukat Khanum Covid Result Time. LCC – Shaukat Khanum Shaukat Khanum Diagnostic Centre Liberty, Lahore. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital.

Shaukat Khanum Covid Test Result Online Check

A suspicious case where COVID-19 testing was inconclusive or a suspect case that did not test feasible for any reason. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Research Center is the country’s top cancer center. The hospital boasts modern lab equipment and highly skilled technical personnel. The lab results are well-known all over the world. Test reports can be viewed using the tab, computer, laptop, or smartphone. It is also possible to download and print the test report. Test Result

An easy and secure procedure has been designed to present information about your Shaukat Khanum lab test report online. A direct link to this service is available on this webpage. You can access the test results on different devices, such as a tablet or laptop computer, a laptop computer, and even a smartphone. You can also print and download the test results directly from the site. The steps below will guide you through downloading the Shaukat Khanum laboratory test report results online.

Shaukat Khanum Lab Test Report Result Online 2024 |

Shaukat Khanum Lab Test Report Result Online 2024 |

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An advanced patient information management system is available, where the results of tests are kept within hospitals’ Information systems, an in-house developed software system that’s readily accessible online. Data is a necessity for our daily lives.

Sr No Shaukat Khanum Lab Reports Price List Price Check Online
01 Test Name and Description Discounted Price Check Online
02 General Health Screen Rs. 9,900 Check Online
03 (CBC, HBsAg, Anti HCV, Glucose(F), Creatinine, Uric Acid, LFTs, Lipid Profile, Urine Routine)
04 Initial Antenatal Screen Rs. 6,400 Check Online
05 (CBC, Blood Group + RH Type, HBsAg, Anti HCV, RPR, Glucose(R), Urine Routine)
06 Bone Health Screen Rs. 5,800 Check Online
07 (Vitamin D, Corrected Calcium, ALP, Phosphorus, Uric Acid)
08 Metabolic Screen Rs. 8,200 Check Online
09 (Glucose(F), HbA1c, U/E, Uric Acid, Lipid Profile, ALT, AST, Urine Alb/Creat)
10 Haemolysis Screen Rs. 3,000 Check Online
11 (CBC, Retic Count, Dir Coombs, LDH, Bilirubin)
12 Chronic Hepatitis Screen Rs. 5,500 Check Online
13 (LFTs, HBsAg, Anti HCV)
14 Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension Screen Rs. 5,700 Check Online
15 (CBC, LFTs, U/E, Uric Acid, Urine Protein/Creat, Urine Routine)
16 Chronic Kidney Disease Screen Rs. 4,600 Check Online
17 (CBC, Glucose(F), ALP, Phos, Corr Calcium, U/E, Urine Routine)
18 STD Screen Rs. 19,000 Check Online
19 (HIV, HCV, HBsAg, RPR, CT/NG)
20 Nephritic Screen Rs. 18,900 Check Online
21 (RA Factor, ANA, ASO, C-ANCA, P-ANCA, C3, C4, IgA, IgM, IgG)
22 Thyroid Screening (Free T4, TSH) Rs. 3,100 Check Online
23 Thyroid Profile (T3, T4, TSH) Rs. 3,800 Check Online
24 TB Screen Panel Rs. 13,500 Check Online
25 (Culture Mycobacterial, Culture tests, Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection via GeneXpert MTB-Rif Assay LFTs, Bicarbonate Urea Electrolytes)
26 Typhoid Panel (Culture – Blood, CBC + Auto Differential (5 Parts) Includes Hb, LFTs) Rs. 4,500 Check Online
27 Basic Health Screen Rs. 2,950 Check Online
28 (Glucose (F), Lipid Profile, Creatinine – Serum)
29 Diabetic Health Profile Rs. 4,900 Check Online
30 (HbA1C, Urinary Microalbumin, Lipid Profile)
31 COVID Panel Rs. 8,500 Check Online
32 (CBC, CRP, LDH, D-Dimer, Serum Ferritin)

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Shaukat Khanum Laboratory Collection Centres are awarded to Franchise Partners against specified locations, from informing supermarkets on what we’d like to have in the morning, helping schools improve their educational opportunities for children to making sure that companies provide a great service to customers, which we’d like.

Online Lab Reports – Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital

The locations are available on the hospital site (along with specific specifications). My personal opinion is that this information can bring many benefits to the areas of health and healthcare. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Research Centre is Pakistate’s Top-of-the-line cancer center. This Hospital has the most modern lab equipment and highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians.

The results of the labs are internationally recognized. This Hospital has also established Shaukat Khanum labs in various cities across Pakistan. Most medical tests are performed within these laboratories. The rates are a bit higher than local labs; however, it is due to their high quality. Today, you can access Shaukat Khanum’s laboratory test results online. This service is available for free and to every patient.

Overall Health Screen Test Package Price 10,000 Rupees(For Limited Time)
Diabetic Patients Tests(HbA1CPlus Urinary Microalbumin+ Lipid Profile HDL, LDL, etc.) 5,000 Rupees
Basic Screening for Health 3,000 Rupees
Chronic Hepatitis Screening 5490 Rupees

Shaukat Khanum Test Result Online Check

Then, click on the link bolded at the bottom of this webpage. Write the invoice number and the access code into the two boxes supplied. After that, click”submit” to submit your information “submit” button. The Shaukat Khanum test report will appear online. You are now able to read, download, and then print quickly. You can also pick up your report on the results at the facility that collects it after the deadline date.

Shaukat Khanum Lab Test Report Result Online

Shaukat Khanum The SK Memorial Hospital and Research Center is the country’s most prestigious cancer hospital. The hospital has state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and highly skilled staff. The lab’s results are internationally recognized. The Hospital has set up Shaukat Khanum labs across Pakistan. Most medical tests are conducted in this facility. The prices are slightly higher than those of local labs. However, the quality is higher. It is now possible to receive Shaukat Khanum’s laboratory results online. This service is free to all patients.

  • We need your invoice number and access code (view an example invoice with access codes).
  • Reports for July 2019 and beyond are on the internet. Other reports, such as ECG, Echo, PFT, and so on. are not web-based.
  • There are clinics and hospitals located in Lahore as well as Peshawar. Go to one of these locations (Lahore or Karachi) to get the reports.
  • The reports are available for six months after the invoice date.
  • The system might not allow access to this page if you’re in a network with a firewall or a proxy server. In this case, you should ask your network administrator for help.
  • Print and download a few from the report. Reports cannot be sent electronically.
  • If you require assistance in a lab situation, contact the Pathology Support Help Line toll-free at 042 3590 500.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, Lahore, has introduced a new method of reviewing test results online. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre have an extended nationwide network of collection centres that adhere to strict guidelines.

The recent inflation increase could impact the Shaukat Khanum Lab testing results list in 2024. However, the current reports on the online check system of Shaukat Khanum Laboratory have offered excellent facilities for patients with all laboratory tests. At present, all healthcare services are expensive, and hospitals are striving to make money from the lives of humans. In this bleak environment, a rare hospital operates with integrity. The work of this Hospital and other miracles have yet to be achieved through this organization. Presently, in Pakistan, laboratory reports from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital are considered to be extremely specific.

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