Thal University Bhakkar Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Check Online

Thal University Bhakkar Merit List 2024 of various Programs is announced on the official and this page. Thal University Bhakkar Merit List, 2024 of all programs, check online by name of candidates. You can access your Merit List Department-wise online; please visit the link below on this web page. For more details and the latest news regarding Thal University, go to the official website of Thal University Bhakkar. TU Bhakkar’s selected candidate merit list is available on this page in PDF format. The TU Bhakkar BS, MSc/MA 1 1st 2 2nd 3 3rd 4 4th merit list includes the names of successful candidates to be considered for admission.

TU Bhakkar merit list evening and morning for BS admissions to MSc/MA in 2024 are available here. Candidates who have filled out their applications to TU Bhakkar fall/spring admission 2024 can view the merit list by department. The previous year’s closing merit list for BS admissions is also available to estimate the closing merit for this year. We update here self-finance/evening and open merit list/morning for the ease of students, females, and males.

Thal University Bhakkat BBA & BSIT Merit List 2024

Thal University has announced the BBA and BSIT 1st and 5th merit lists for 2024. You can check and download that university’s BBA 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and final merit lists on You can also check the BSIT 1st and 5th Merit list online or download a pdf. Thal University’s merit list is updated on this page. You need to check your name in the merit list.

Thal University Merit List 2024 Online

Thal University Bhakkar has two academic blocks with more than 200 rooms and the space needed for offices to manage the school. The classroom buildings are modern facilities that comply with international standards. Modern classrooms equipped with projectors, an IT lab, a library,y, and science labs such as botany, chemistry, physics,s, and zoology are available as facilities. They create a space where students can study systematically.

TU Sub Bhakkar Merit List 2024

Many applicants apply for several different programs. In some cases, a candidate is chosen for multiple programs. In this case, the candidate will be required to be able to claim only one desired course. Soon, we will publish the sports schedule for interviews, the quota, the Hafiz E Quran test, and the disabled person interview schedule.

1. TU Bhakkar 1st Merit List 2024 Download Online
2. TU Bhakkar 2nd Merit List 2024 Download Online
3. TU Bhakkar 3rd Merit List 2024 Download Online
4. TU Bhakkar Waiting List 2024 Download Online
5. TU Bhakkar Reserved Seats List 2024 Download Online
6. TU Bhakkar Self Finance Merit List 2024 Download Online
7. TU Selected Bhakkar Candidates List 2024 Download Online

TU Merit List 2024

The area around the TU Bhakkar is more popular, and that’s why many students who have completed their internships apply to be admitted to this. The Thal University Bhakkar is the only public university in District Bhakkar that educates many students within its confines. For this reason, many intermediate-stage students want to enroll in the BS or BS program at The TU in Bhakkar. However, it only accepts those who meet its admission policy and the criteria. To adjust the admissions of all applicants, it teaches many students on the evening shifts to self-finance in addition to working in the morning.

Thal University Merit List Schedule 2024

1 Correction List (For Changes) 07 Oct 2024
2 1st Merit List (Regular) 11 Oct 2024
3 2nd Merit List (Regular) 13 Oct 2024
4 3rd Merit List (Regular) 17 Oct 2024
5 1st Merit List (Self Support) 19 Oct 2024
6 2nd Merit List (Self Support) 21 Oct 2024
7 3rd Merit List (Self Support) 25 Oct 2024
8 Reporting List 27 Oct 2024
9 Last Merit List 31 Oct 2024

Thal University Bhakkar Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Check Online

Thal University Bhakkar Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Check Online

Thal University Merit List 2024

The Thal University Bhakkar consists of highly qualified faculty working to improve the students’ talents. The administration and academic staff are working to improve the area’s potential. It has produced useful citizens who contribute to many areas of national significance. We want to encourage you to the ideal place to study. This is the right place for you. It was established at the end of 2012 in Bhakkar. Since its inception, it has won several millstones both at national and international levels.

TU Bhakkar Open Merit List 2024

We urge you to keep up to date with this site to stay on top of the TU Bhakkar Open merit list, self-finance merit lists, a waiting list, the candidates, and the final merit list for 2024. TU Bhakkar is a Thal University Bhakkar, an institution of higher education for the public founded in 2012. TU Bhakkar offers different graduation and post-graduation options. The main the university is located in Sargodha.

Thal University Bhakkar Merit List 2024

TU Bhakkar’s merit list in the morning and evening for BS and MSc/MA admissions in 2024 is available here. Candidates who have completed their application in the application form for TU Bhakkar fall/spring admission 2024 can check the merit list of each department. The last year’s merit list for the closing date for BS admissions is available to determine the application’s merit for the current year.

Thal University Bhakkar BS merit List 2024

We’ve provided the direct link to access the merit list announced for admissions into BA, BSc, MA, MSc, and BS programs on this page. You can also look up the University of Oxford Bhakkar 2nd, 1st, and 3rd merit lists and the date of the last day to pay admission fees on this page immediately following the announcement. Selected candidates must be present during the interview at the admissions office to collect admission fee challans and verify their credentials.

Thal University Merit List 2024 Date

You can also see them on the TU Bhakkar 2nd, 1st, and 3rd merit lists and the deadline to pay admission fees from this page shortly following the announcement. ThalUniversityy will display the merit list 202inon the next month. They will display the 1st, 2nd, 3rd merit list in 2024.

UOS Bhakkar Departments

  • Biological Sciences(SCB)
  • Chemistry(SCB), CS & IT(SCB)
  • Education (SCB), English(SCB)
  • Management and Administrative
  • Mathematics(SCB)
  • Physics(SCB)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences(SCB)
  • Sports Sciences(SCB)

Thal University Merit List 2024 Online Check

Presently, Thal University Bhakkar has two academic blocks that have over 200 classes as well as offices required to manage the school. The classroom e buildings are brand new and modern and meet international standards. The facilities include modern classrooms, projectors, an IT lab, libraries, and science labs for botany, physics, chemistry, and zoology. They offer a location where students can systematically learn.

TU Sub Bhakkar Merit List 2024

A large number of applicants apply to multiple programs. Some applicants are chosen to be considered for more than one program. In this situation, the candidate can take one of the programs they would like to attend. Soon, we’ll publish the interview schedules for SPO, the qu, the Hafiz E Quran test, and people with disabilities.

UOS Bhakkar Campus Prospectus 2024

The University of Sargodha Bhakkar is a university for public use that was founded in 2012. UOS Bhakkar offers different graduation and post-graduation courses. The main campus of the school is located in Sargodha. The faculty teaching at the campus comprises highly regarded, experienced, foreign-qualified young and enthusiastic minds doing their best to assist the children of this region in becoming responsible and productive citizens of Pakistan.

The university aims to provide a high-quality and affordable education to students from this depressed district right at their doorstep. Thal University Bhakkar Admission 2024 Last Date To Apply Online. Check Merit List 2024 Thal University Bhakkar. Check Merit List 2024 Thal University Bhakkar

Thal University Bhakkar Admission 2024 Schedule

In the 2024- academic year26, Thal University Bhakkar is accepting applications to the B.Com, BBA, and BS programs. Thal University, usually abbreviated by the abbreviation TU, is a relatively new institution of higher education. It was founded to provide students from Punjab’s deprived Thal district with a top-quality education. It is situated in Bhakkar, Punja.; TUU Bhakkar attempts to offer the most challenging BS programs.

Remember that Bhakkar is a historic city in Western Punjab close to the Indus River. The admissions office of the Thal University in Bhakkar is located within the administration block at the university. Thal University is a public college of higher learning.

BS – Botany 4 Years NA
BBA – Business Administration 4 Years 43140
BS – Chemistry 4 Years NA
BS – Commerce 4 Years NA
BS – Computer Science 4 Years NA
BS – Economics 4 Years 27900
BS – Education 4 Years NA
BS – English 4 Years 41140
BS – Information Technology 4 Years 36840
BS – Mathematics 4 Years NA
BS – Physics 4 Years NA
BS – Psychology 4 Years 29300
BS – Social Work 4 Years 27900
BS – Sociology 4 Years 29300
BS – Zoology 4 Years NA

Masters MA MSc Programs and Courses:

M.Sc. – Chemistry 2 Years 34400
M.Sc. – Education [physical] 2 Years 27900
MA – English 2 Years 27900
M.Sc. – Physics 2 Years 34400
MA – Social Work 2 Years 27900

Thal University Bhakkar Admission Procedure

It is important to note that the TU Admission 2024 application process isn’t difficult. Thal University offers admission based on merit. Students who have scored good marks in their previous tests can apply for admission in 2024 to BS programs. The admission process comprises two phases: A written exam and an interview. The university administers the writing test, while an interview will be conducted by faculty members from the department. Check Merit List 2024 Thal University Bhakkar

University Bhakkar Campus Admission 2024 Criteria

Click here to view the UOS Bhakkar admission guide and academic calendar for all undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Visit our website regularly for updates on the Sargodha University admissions calendar online registration, cost structure, eligibility requirements, Merit list and entry test prospectus, entry test schedule, scholarships faculty, faculty ranking, prospectus, hostel, and course programs. Check Merit List 2024 Thal University Bhakkar. Interested candidates can download the online admission application, fee structure, and announcement from the link below. The merit lists for the entrance and waiting tests will be available on this page. Check Merit List 2024 Thal University Bhakkar

Thal University Bhakkar Final Merit List 2024-23

Anyone interested in applying can download the admissions form online, the fee structure, and an advertisement on the following page. The merit lists of the entry test and the waiting list will also be available on this page.

TU Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd

Thal University is a highly regarded educational institution founded in Pakistan in 2021. The university gained a lot of attention within a short period due to its excellent faculty of teachers and management. It is a Thal University with two es, including the main in Sargodha and the Sub at Bhakkar. The university provides top-quality higher education to students in this region.

TU Bhakkar BS 1st Merit List 2024

Thal University Bhakkar recently announced admission for different undergraduate programs in the fall of 2024. Many students filled out online applications for admission via this page and eagerly await the merit lists.

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